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Recycled Art Class with Karen Koch

Handcrafted Paper Bowls
Friday, April 22, 6-8pm
Celebrate Earth Day with a clever art project that makes the most of recycled and reused materials!
Join us for a fun evening making handcrafted bowls using the time-honored technique of paper mache. Yes, paper mache! It's a time-honored technique that has been used for centuries to make sturdy and decorative items.
During this class, you'll make 2 bowls that can be used to hold jewelry, trinkets, ornaments, candy, keys, or other small objects. 
No experience needed, and all ages are welcome. You'll learn the basic technique and how infuse it with your own style, whether rustic or elegant, simple or intricate, plain or fancy.
We'll provide all the instruction and materials that you will need.
Instructor: Karen Koch, a mixed-media artist from Hudson.
** Paper is a traditional gift for a 1st wedding anniversary. A paper bowl – or registration for this class – would make a memorable anniversary gift for your favorite couple! **
Please call The Red Twig to register, class fee is $35 per person, or $60 per couple/Cargiver and child team. Register by April 8 as there is a limited amount of space!

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Paint Party with Shannon Casey

Paint Party with Shannon Casey
Spend an evening with talented local artist Shannon Casey as she walks you through the steps to create your own floral inspired piece of art! All materials will be provided to make your masterpiece. Bring your own wine to share with the class, light hors d'oeurves will be provided. Class fee $30 per person, please call The Red Twig 330.842.1849 to register as space is limited! Register by March 4.

Artist's Statement

In my most recent work, I'm exploring the night sky and the constellations that have watched us for thousands of years. I incorporate mythology into some of my paintings ... updating old stories and creating a few of my own. I'm also having fun personifying the moon -- using the faces of family and friends to get just the right expressions. 

I've always been drawn to figures and have been drawing faces for as long as I can remember. Creating artwork that blends the two: story and the figurative fuels my imagination and makes me think of the many layers: our stories, on top of older stories, on top of the story of the universe ... it's endless! 

My inspiration is drawn from Psalm 19, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands ..." I believe the "keeper of the stars" is the ultimate artist and I'm thankful for the ideas He gives and the opportunity to create!

I enjoy the symbolism and the challenge of turning the old into the new. And because I look for inspiration in the faces I see, who knows? You may recognize yourself in a painting of Orion the Hunter or Cassiopeia someday!  

"Soli Deo Gloria!"  
To contact Shannon Casey, email shannoncaseystudio@gmail.com.

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Mo Gartland Art Show

Open house art show featuring local Kent artist (and former owner of beloved Taco Tantos) Mo Gartland! Come out to The Red Twig and mingle with the artist while viewing her beautiful mosaic art pieces made from ceramics and found objects. Light hors d'oeuvres and wine will be provided. 

Mo Gartland is a self-taught business person, creating a Kent landmark when she owned and operated Taco Tonto’s for almost 30 years. Free now to explore the endless possibilities of texture and pattern that were ever in the background. Gartland brings some of the hard lessons from that enterprise: solid craftsmanship, hard work, and an attraction to simple things, done well, to her art. Finding inspiration and key elements of her work on railway tracks, garage floors, abandoned buildings and Ohio woods as she walks through her life. 
Abstract, yet drawn from her unique perception of reality, she uses color, texture, and an impulsive element of randomness against structure, to create her pieces.
“The first mosaic piece that caught my eye was a photo of someone’s fireplace where the artist used billiard balls, odd ceramic pieces and beer bottle bottoms to decorate his room. Loved it so much I made my first piece and kept going.
I love the recycling of old plates, found objects, gravel from the odd driveway and railroad yards, and even the innards of computers and bicycle parts. 
I have also used my grandmother’s everyday dishes that I held when I was five and have now put in one of my vases. Love thinking of her every time I view it.”
You can reach Mo at Maureen.modogs.gartland@gmail.com

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